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"Thank you! JP did an amazing job on my hellcat! The shine on it is amazing and the interior also looks brand new. Thanks again for a great job."

"I highly recommend Ceramic Armory for all your detailing needs. They did an excellent job on my vehicle, great customer service and great prices!"

- Robert
"JP did a fantastic job getting my new to me Equinox cleaned up! It was in pretty bad shape from the dealer and he polished it up and got it looking right again. I recommend Ceramic Armory to everyone because my car looks amazing now!!"

- Danielle
"I can't say enough how amazing of a job they did, this is my second car with them and it turned out great. I definitely recommend the ceramic coating and adding the PPF. The service was very professional, kept me up to date with photos and progression of my car. I will make sure every car I have is done by Ceramic Armory."

- Ethen
"I am the proud owner of a 2012 Chrysler 200 that I bought new in 2011. I love my car and have taken pretty good care of it over the years, that being said, I do have a few "drunk bumps" on it and they stood out like sore thumbs, that was before Jim Meyers worked his magic!! It was not an easy process, it took him a full day but the results are absolutely amazing. My car looks better than new!! The shine that this product puts on the car is shinier than the paint was when the car was new!! The cost for doing the Ceramic Armory Jax treatment was so well worth the money, I have a new car shine and all my "drunk bumps" and paint dings are gone and I am in my new happy place!!"

- Mary Ann
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