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Paint Corrections and Ceramic Coatings
From paint defects to swirl marks we can make your paint look better than new!

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If you just purchased a new car there is no better time to protect the exterior and interior of your investment.
We understand everyone’s needs are different. Let us customize a package that fits your car and lifestyle perfectly!
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"Thank you! JP did an amazing job on my hellcat! The shine on it is amazing and the interior also looks brand new. Thanks again for a great job."

"I highly recommend Ceramic Armory for all your detailing needs. They did an excellent job on my vehicle, great customer service and great prices!"

- Robert
"JP did a fantastic job getting my new to me Equinox cleaned up! It was in pretty bad shape from the dealer and he polished it up and got it looking right again. I recommend Ceramic Armory to everyone because my car looks amazing now!!"

- Danielle
"I can't say enough how amazing of a job they did, this is my second car with them and it turned out great. I definitely recommend the ceramic coating and adding the PPF. The service was very professional, kept me up to date with photos and progression of my car. I will make sure every car I have is done by Ceramic Armory."
- Ethen
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